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Comparison of long-term efficacy of desmopressin lyophilisate and enuretic alarm for monosymptomatic enuresis and assessment of predictive factors for success: A randomized prospective trial

  • F.F. Önol,
  • R. Guzel,
  • A. Tahra,
  • C. Kaya,
  • U. Boylu.

Publication: Journal of Urology 2015 Feb 01, Volume 193, Issue 2, Pages 655-661

This study is still relevant and important: comparing the two standard treatments for bedwetting, the alarm and desmopressin. Using a very simple study design, the children were allocated to either alarm or desmopressin. Guess what: as stated in the conclusion, as long as “compliance of the patient” (and probably support by the family) is adequate, the results are comparable (becoming totally dry, succes or improved rates). It confirms our clinical observations that “motivation” and probably the choice of treatment by the child and the family is the most important factor for success of treatment.